POD for Etsy and Shopify

POD for Etsy and Shopify

Mainstream Print on Demand Product Ideas

What and Where?


There are so many ideas you test using the print-on-demand model. Plain t-shirts are the picture-perfect products merchants can use to sell their custom brands. Most suppliers sell a wide range of t-shirt designs (v-neck, round neck, polo t-shirts) in bulk and at exceedingly low prices.

The deal with t-shirts is that they’re high selling and are easily adaptable to so many print-on-demand services. SMB owners, for example, might find it easy to customize their companies’ brands on t-shirts.

Placeit is a good place to find some potential mockups for your print-on-demand products too. If you don’t have a design to get started with, try using Placeit.

You can find T-Shirts on:


This is one niche that is not highly saturated, and at the same time, has a high conversion potential. You can source some of the trendsetting fabric design prints from a platform such as Pinterest which has an influx of freshly updated designs.

To a college millennial or highschool teen, a custom branded backpack would feel like a must-have. So the POD drop shipper needs to work with the right demographics.

Drawstring bags also fall under this category. They are predominantly used as merchandise by organizations to figuratively raise some sort of theme awareness.

Find Backpacks on:

Just like with your T-shirts, you can find some excellent mockups for backpacks on Placeit for extra inspiration.


Closely similar to t-shirts, selling custom printed hoodies often goes a long way. So far, China’s market is aggressively banking on selling replica hoodies.

If you see a ‘Champion’ branded hoodie on AliExpress retailing at $30, then chances are, it’s a replica. Even so, there’s so much revenue that retailers are generating out of this. But on the contrary, it’s so significant to pay close attention to quality.

Retailers have a solid option to sell POD services to online shoppers by printing any design which they request.


It’s one of the most saturated niche categories in the POD model, yet a high-yielding one. If you walk in a big firm, you won’t miss spotting a mug that’s branded with the company’s logo.

For most organizations, it’s more like a ritual that’s pretty hard to let go. To make sensible sales, you need to be a little crafty and design brands that are beyond the bare bone, so to speak.

Mugs come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, from products sold as professional merch, to novel coffee mugs. Find mugs on:

  • Printful
  • Gooten
  • Printify
  • TeeLaunch
  • Pixels

Yoga pants

Yoga lessons are here to stay. What a better way to monetize your POD business than venturing into yoga pants?

They are easy to blend with multiple print designs. Looking at the number of Yoga enthusiasts, it’s true to say that the market potential is quite remarkable. This suggests that you can add this to your online store’s product category as a POD service.

You can find everything from yoga pants to skirts on:

Phone covers

Nearly every one of us owns a smartphone.

To give your mobile device a glossy look and hide those embarrassing dents, a customized cover sounds like a cheap yet penetrating revamp idea.

You only need a decent entrepreneurial spirit to hone some eccentric design skills that add up to your print on demand business goals.

Phone cases are a top-selling environment in many environments, and a product area that’s always expanding thanks to the arrival of new technology. Phone case suppliers are available on:

  • Printful
  • Gooten
  • Printify
  • Pixels
  • Kite.ly
  • InkThreadable


Selling custom printed towels is a grand plan to boost some sales on your POD’s storefront. I’m pretty sure that this might sound a little far fetched.

People embrace going to the beach. There’s no doubt about that. That’s unquestionably a market demand to leverage on as an online retailer. Not only do ecommerce stores selling fancy towels gain lots of traffic from summer lovers, but also gym members.

Towels range from beach towels to hand towels. You can make the designs as complex or as simple as you like, using a mockup generator on:

Wall stickers

At some point, you might want to add some extra accessories to their personal living space. How about being an interior deco guru?

It sounds like a bold idea.

You might be startled by the craze people have for lightening up their living spaces. What a potential hunter for this needs to have in check are close links to premium quality canvas suppliers.

Stickers are easy enough to source on

  • Gooten
  • TeeLaunch


Whether it’s that early morning jog or a yoga session, leggings are always a good mood gesture for ladies.

Leggings are sporty and convenient for such exercises. To supplement it all, some online stores opt to add a yoga mat as a ‘frequently bought together’ item. That’s a strategy with some multi-fold perks.

First, you get to expand your print on demand service base by introducing a new product on your catalogs.

Secondly, you test your potential buyer’s impulsiveness to make more sales.

Find leggings on:


The casual Friday mood makes most of the 9-5 employees want to dress up and have that unmatched office look.

A necktie is ideally one niche product that sort of blends in with trendy designs. After all, it fits any occasion no matter the day of the week just like socks or a watch.

Gooten is generally the best place to find and create your own designs with neckties.

Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats are an excellent trending product right now.

As the health and fitness industries continue to grow in size, selling custom designed yoga mats is a great way to capture the attention of countless people who are looking to live happier and healthier lives. You might even be able to nab a fitness influencer who will show off your yoga mats for you.

Remember, yoga mats aren’t just for yoga enthusiasts either, find them at:

  • Gooten
  • Pixels


Another practical homeware item that’s bound to get plenty of attention on your store. Aprons will capture the attention of everyone from busy moms, to influencers and bakers.

These products can be an excellent addition to any store selling homeware or kitchen related items. You can add your own brand touch to the aprons to make them really stand out or allow your customers to personalize their aprons to make the perfect gift. Places to find aprons for POD selling include:

Throw Pillows

If you’re looking for cozy print on demand products, you’re not limited to onesies and aprons. You can also consider throw pillows.

These popular home-décor items are interchanged and updated from one season to the next, making them an excellent way to add extra sales opportunities to your store. You can get really creative with your throw pillows, adding unique slogans and designs to them. What’s more, throw pillows can be sold alongside a range of products, from art, to clothes. Find suppliers at:


Magnets are small and convenient products that are often easy to sell.

You can offer a wide range of variations, from practical magnets that help your customers to remember things like milk and eggs on their shopping lists, to magnets that protect your customers’ favorite photos.

Since these items are often sold at a low price point, you might find that you can earn a little more of a profit if you sell them as part of mix-and-match bundles. Find suppliers on:

  • Kite.ly
  • Gooten

Wall Art

Who wouldn’t love sprucing up their home with a little bit of Wall Art?

If you’ve always dreamed of showing off your creative side with your business, and personalized gifts from Zazzle just aren’t doing it, then you can try creating and selling wall art instead.

You can bring your paintings and images to life in the form of canvas, prints, and so much more. Here’s where you can find suppliers:


Add something cozy to your Print on demand products listing with blankets.

There are tons of options available here. You can opt for super luxurious blankets designed to accompany the bedding that you sell. Alternatively, you could opt for blankets for movie lovers who want to snuggle on the sofa watching Netflix, or even invest in baby blankets.

Find your options here:

  • Gooten
  • Printify
  • TeeLaunch

Notebooks and Journals

We all need a place to keep our thoughts.

Print on demand notebooks and journals are an excellent option if you want to capture the attention of students, parents, professionals and influencers alike.

When you’re creating these options, ask yourself what’s going to make your products stand out from the crowd. Could you use a unique slogan to make your customers laugh? Or add a pen to the side of the notebook so that they’re always ready to write?

Find print on demand suppliers here:

  • TeeLaunch
  • Gooten
  • Zazzle
  • RedBubble


Having a calendar and notifications to help you manage your schedule on your phone is great. However, many of us still like to have a paper calendar hung up in our home or at work to keep track of everything.

Calendars are an excellent item to add to your store if you sell stationary-related items already. What’s more, the great thing about these products is that they come with an expiration date, so you can update your roster with new designs on a regular basis.

Gooten is your best option for calendars.

Mouse Pads

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling to students, parents, kids, or business owners, everyone needs a mouse pad these days.

Computer gamers and office workers alike all appreciate the chance to get their hands on a great mouse pad. Just make sure that your design doesn’t just look good, it works brilliantly too. You’re going to need designs that appeal to your target audience, while giving them something that stands the test of time. If you sell a lot of stationary and computer related items, this is a great product pick.

Find suppliers at:

Dog Beds

When looking for print on demand products, you might have considered options like duvet covers and blankets. However, did you take the time to consider which products might make life a little better for your customer’s four-legged friends?

When all else fails, customers will still spend a fortune on treating their pooches to something special. Because of this, you know your dog beds will stand the test of time. You can find suppliers on:

  • TeeLaunch
  • Gooten

Pet Accessories

Aside from dog beds, there are plenty of ways that you can add some gifts for four-legged friends into your print on demand store.

For instance, why not create some of your own pet bowls, tags for pet owners to place on their pooch’s collars, or even pet bandanas? You can even help your customers with keeping their home clean by designing custom pet placements. Check out these locations for options:

  • Gooten
  • Printify

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