Passive Income Success

Passive Income Success


When people talk about passive incomes they think of yachts, private jets and islands where they own a villa or two and a bank account that grows by the second. 

The REAL TRUTH of it is, the only way you can achieve that dream is by working and when I say working, I mean hours of working, sleepless nights, ups and downs and maybe a business loan or two. A passive income is the idea of generating an income even when you are sleeping and theoretically not doing anything. To put it straight whatever business you decide to go into, whatever job or profession you choose you will always have to put in the time and effort to see any results. 

If you want to reach the top, if you want to make regular sales, if you want to make money while you sleep then the only person stopping you is YOU. 

In order for you to achieve your dream income, in order for you to love what you do then you will need to climb the ladder. You will need to have a plan, you will need to invest both time and money. You will probably want to give up, you will probably want to kill your spouse while your children are running around wild, you will most likely spend days staring at a blank computer screen and I guarantee you will HATE your competition. 

BUT I also guarantee that a few months or a few years down the line you will be a better position than you are now BUT only if you have the will and motivation to make it work. 



How does a passive income and print on demand link together? Print on demand is an online business which you create and then you wait for the sales. Sadly you cannot upload 100 designs and wait to get rich because it's not going to happen like that. 

If you really, really want to generate thousands a month in income then you need to have a set-plan, a time frame, motivation and patience. 

You need to build up your design inventory and you need to help it grow every single day. You need to research what people are buying, what people are looking for and you also need to research other print on demand platforms that accept designers. 

You need to build your own brand whether it is via a website, blog or social media and you need to work on it EVERY SINGLE DAY - even if it is only for five minutes. You need to have a look, a story, a meaning and a motto behind your brand. You need to make something that nobody has made before. 

In order for you to generate a passive income you are happy with you might possibly be doing this mundane job of designing and uploading for fifteen years BUT you will reach those numbers. When you do reach those numbers and you see them growing DO NOT give up. Keep on designing, investing, uploading and researching, keep on working like you would if you had to go out to work every morning. Keep on finding new opportunities, keep all possibilities open and never lose hope because the online retail world is growing more and more everyday! 


Below I have worked out a step-by-step plan to help you in creating your brand and to help you grow your income. 

1. Start A Brand 

Start a brand. It's as simple as that. Think of a name, a meaning, a story, a logo. Create social media pages for your brand. If you have the money to invest into it then design your own website where you can sell your own merchandise via Print on demand providers. 

2. Make a Daily Plan of Uploading, Researching and Posting to Social Media 

Make a daily time frame and plan of how you are going to spend your time. Try to set an amount of tasks and stick to it no matter what. 

3. Even out each print on demand platform 

The goal to keeping a track rate on each print on demand platform whether it is KDP, your own shopify store, redbubble or teepublic or many of the others out there is to be active everywhere an even amount of time. For example, spend one hour today doing KDP & Merch, one hour doing redbubble, one hour another site and so on. 

4. Be Smart with your Money

Each week make sure you budget your money. Re-invest what you make to make even further progress and make sure you are smart about what shopify plans you have, subscriptions and so on. Always keep track of these so you can see where you money is being spent at the end of the year, what you can save on and what you can spend more on. 

5. Keep a List of Goals 

Having a list of goals each day, week and month is a great way to see your progress and to keep you motivated. Each day set small work goals, each week set bigger goals and each month set even bigger ones and try your hardest to keep at them. 

6. Always Grow Your Business 

Even though you might not see much comeback on it in the beginning, growing your business is vital. Make sure you use social media to build branded pages and groups, keep your website active and modern and engage as much as you can with your customers. If you own a shopify store then make sure you keep one style throughout and keep on adding to your inventory. 

7. Don't Cheat Your Way to the Top 

So if you a familiar with the commandments of the Bible then this is basically the same. Don't lie. Don't steal. Don't cheat. Just like in life you will kicked back to the bottom quicker if you do this so don't. Earn your position through hard and honest work. 

8. There is Always Room for More 

Every single day there is something new to learn and whatever it is, it can be used in the Print on Demand world. Don't be arrogant and turn your nose up at something just because you think you can do it better. There is always a little bit more knowledge to be eaten up, a new skill to attach to your belt and above all there is always something new to learn which will be useful to you on day. Learn and grow, the two most important things to do when you own a business. 

9. ALWAYS follow your plan 

Sometimes life gets in the way and when you work for yourself it gets even more in the way. Keep on the pathway and always follow your tasks, plans and goals. If you don't and if you get distracted you will be going two steps ahead and three steps back. 

10. You will never get rich by doing NOTHING

If you really want a passive income, if you really want to make a famous well-known brand, if you want people to know your company and buy your merch then always wake up and know that even if you made 1000 sales in the night you won't get rich by watching your merch dashboard. Be motivated to do more. 


On a side note, if you don't want to build a brand but want to do print on demand for the passive income then all the above rules still apply just in a different context. There is eight billion people in the world and counting, you are one person. You are one person who might sell a t shirt to a hundred people or you might just be that one person to sell one t shirt to six million people. 

The possibilities are endless so get ready to grab them, jump on them and chase them!  

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  • Treasure

    Excellent article! I am working pretty hard to get this going. Sometimes it’s frustrating but I plan on being a success story :)

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