My Daily Inspiration for YOU

My Daily Inspiration for YOU

Do you ever get those days where you hit a brick wall? Do you ever sit down in front of your computer and not feel like you have the time or energy to upload, design, research or create? Do you sometimes feel like you are wasting your time?


We ALL get those days. Even I get those days.


Today, I didn’t want to get out of bed. A sequence of events this week has really put a downer on my job. It started with having an impacted wisdom tooth taken out, a very painful surgery and recovery. Then my son decided to get strep throat again for the 100th time this year which resulted in a high fever, another course of antibiotics and endless hours at the doctors surgery.


Just as I thought the week couldn’t really get any worse, just like any other normal family my finance and I had an argument about something so ridiculous it made me feel bad that we even had an argument over it. Today I had my stitches out on my ‘no show’ wisdom tooth, the sun has actually decided to shine, my son woke up looking and feeling a lot better and my partner started my day with an ‘I love you’.


You are probably thinking, what has this got to do with Print on Demand and making t-shirts and books? It actually has a lot to do with it. Let me explain.


You see, the moments, the things we say, the things we do and the places we go all send off ripples in our life and those ripples are then felt until the day we die. What I am trying to say is simple really. My surgery on my wisdom tooth made me more than grateful that I actually have teeth and can eat whatever I want, when I want and the hunger this past few days has made me even more grateful than before. When my son fell ill again, this morning it made me realize just how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do, how lucky I really am to have two crazy and wild boys that fill my life with so much joy. When I had an argument with my partner it made me look back and reflect on not only my actions but his as well. It made me swallow my pride and learn to open my heart even when I don’t want to. Then when I sat down to write the next blog post for you all an old customer reached out to me and said simply, ‘thank you for all you do for the community’. Just that one sentence brought tears to my eyes because even though you don’t know it you are making an impact to someone in this world.


Just one smile, one word, one action can make the biggest difference. What matters is those small steps. It’s not about your goal, it’s about how you are getting there.


On those days that you have no sales, no inspiration, no funds and no reason to keep going just step back and take a deep breath. Only you can achieve your goals, only you can keep on making sales with POD, only you can start new and amazing trends, only YOU can make it work. When you feel like there is no reason to upload any more shirts, just upload one more because it might just be that one that you sell 100 times over.


Print on demand is not a quick rich scheme, it is something you have to spend countless hours, days, weeks, months and years working on. It is a business that you have to cherish, love and be patient with. Today I learnt exactly that. EVERYTHING you do in life needs love, faith and above all patience. Your job, your family, your spouse, your children, your side hobby and even YOU. Everything in your life, everything that makes you, you, needs all of the above to work.


As a mentor in the POD community, as a designer and as a human being I am telling you, don’t give up, don’t walk away and don’t look at the other side where the grass is greener because what you have is priceless and only you can appreciate that.


Be the best version of you, live the best life and don’t rush because speed doesn’t matter, each step you take is another step forward….

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