KDP Basics Q&A
If you are just getting started with KDP publishing then you probably have a thousand questions which you are Googling the answers for. Below I have taken the most asked KDP questions and created the answers below in a simple, easy to read format.
1. What size sells best on KDP?
The most-sold size journal or notebook is 6x9 but these are the most versatile. You can create journals, notebooks and diaries in this size which gives you more variation when publishing. Coloring and activity books aren’t great in this size but composition books work perfect in 6x9.
2. What is the best page count to publish?
The page count depends on what type of journal or diary you are publishing. If you are doing a 90 day diary then the page count would make sense to be 90 pages. If you are doing a monthly journal and diary then you will have 30 pages plus any extra pages you want to add. If you describe a daily diary for the year then it would make sense to have 365 pages.
3. Matte or Glossy cover?
This is down to personal preferences; the glossy covers seem to have better reviews overall but if you are looking for a less glossy look then you will want to choose the matte option.
4. How do I research journal niches and ideas?
When you are researching for ideas for your books you need to consider both the cover and interior. You can combine niches and ideas or go down the simple route and sell the cover with a lined notebook. The great thing about KDP is the possibilities are endless. To begin your research you need to start with Amazon. See what is selling, what is being sold the most and read the reviews. See what people are missing when they purchase a journal and create something the customer wants.
5. Can I sell my designs elsewhere?
The great thing about KDP is your designs are not exclusive to only KDP. You can upload you cover designs on other products and you can also sell your journals elsewhere such as on Etsy or in your own online shop.
6. What prices should I sell my journals for?
There is no set price you should set your journals for. You need to look at your competition and consider what you would pay for a similar journal. You need to provide something with value in order to bump the price up higher than your competition. Activity and coloring books in general sell for a higher price than lined notebooks. Make sure that you are earning at least $2 royalties on each journal you publish.
7. Is KDP worth my time and effort?
Everything is worth your time and effort and KDP just like merch is another platform which can provide you with an extra income. Currently KDP have set weekly limits to what you can upload but in any case in order to produce and publish valuable and worthy journals, notebooks and books those limits shouldn’t bother you at all. I have sold books this week which I uploaded before when KDP was CreateSpace. Everything you do is worth the effort.
8. Can I use AMS ads on my books?
Yes, you can. I don’t run ads myself but if you are producing the right product, in the right niche and at the right price ads won’t get you much higher up the chain. In the game of print on demand it is even better if you have a higher social media presence or brand name, advertising through your own channels will get you more sales than AMS ads.
9. I have uploaded hundreds of books but have no sales, why?
You need to break down your book in order to find out what the problem is and why it isn’t selling. Make a sheet and write down your niche, your keywords, your market, your book structure and your pricing. Research on your competition and what page your book is showing up under a search and then next to this list write down the things you could change and make better. Compare it with your competition and through using this method you can generally see ‘why’ something hasn’t sold. Sometimes you might need to change your font, cover color or even interior set-up. Sometimes your price might be too high or too low and sometimes you might be producing a product for the wrong market.
For example if you have a Dream Journal for adults with a childish cover there is a high chance it won’t sell. If you re-create the dream journal with a more adult cover and a description which tells the buyer that this is made specifically for adults then the chances are it will sell. You then need to make sure it gets shown up under a search so you need to focus on your keywords.
You could produce amazing books with unique ideas but you need to make sure people can see them in order to purchase them and secondly that they want to purchase this type of product and have a need for it.
10. Can I upload the same interior with a different cover and vice versa?
If the shoe fits then yes. If you have a bible study interior that fits with a few different covers you have then upload them. Try uploading each one with a different set of keywords to try the market and use that in your research and products in the future.
As long as you are clear on what your product is, what you are selling and what you have designed and who you have designed it for then the possibilities really are endless.

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