Creating a Brand for KDP

Creating a Brand for KDP


KDP publishing via Amazon has become another way of creating a passive income. Etsy, Shopify, Merch by Amazon and POD all around is a way that you can create a bonus income for yourself without any inventory, hard work or huge investment.


You simply create digital content and upload it to their website after you have created an account and Amazon deal with the rest and you earn royalties on each sale.


Even though it sounds easy there is a lot of work and time involved in the process. Building up an inventory on KDP isn’t easy. KDP is flooded now with a lot of lined notebooks, dotted journals and even low content journals. In order for your content to stand out from the crowd you need to consider some various points:


  • Creating a brand around your journals and content
  • Marketing your brand via social media to gain a following
  • Creating content that the market needs
  • Creating products with low competition
  • Researching keywords to make your books visible



Creating a Brand


When we talk about creating a brand we are talking about having a base for your products. A logo, a brand or company name that people can recognise, a niche in which your products are created in, a market and a base idea.


Some people don’t understand how important a brand is but there are more reasons than one. Once customers have a brand in mind that they like, the name sticks. They will spread the word, they will feel comfortable buying future products and it is something they can feel connected to as a customer.


All of the above points are gained by creating a base theme, color, logo, name and visible social media accounts.


Marketing your brand via social media to gain a following


Marketing your brand via social media platforms is easier than ever before. There is a handful of social media platforms that are free to use. Start by creating a Facebook group in your niche, a Facebook page and Instagram account and every day add content related to your niche.


Creating content that the market needs


When creating your content for KDP you need to create content that people don’t only want but need. Think about the needs of your market group, ask questions and get the answers that will then turn into most important of all, sales.


Create products that have low competition. Going into KDP and wanting to sell unicorn coloring books won’t get you as many sales as you could have if you were going in the unicorn niche and doing unicorn mazes, coloring books, journals, themed diaries and so on. Having a wider brand and theme means you can do the research and come up with the best solution which has lower competition.



Researching keywords to make your books visible


Researching keywords and choosing the right words for your listings is also super important because this brings organic traffic to your listings. Besides the traffic that you bring to your books, Amazon has millions of customers and those customers could essentially buy your books and get to know your brand.


How to Brand my Books?


Don’t be forceful with your brand and don’t push it to people but instead be subtle. Place the logo and brand name on the back cover of every book, include a page inside with information about your brand and what it is. Don’t place links but instead use prompts such as come and find us on social media! If your brand name is unique people will find you easily.


Use the same colors and fonts throughout and create a generic and cozy atmosphere for the customers.



Coming up with ideas for a brand and actually starting the process is the hardest part. Sit down and brainstorm all the niches that excite you, all the themes that you know a lot about and go from there. Choose your market wisely and web it out from that.


For example I love the sea and there are so many low content journals and books you can upload in this theme and niche. You can also gain followers via social media by creating a ‘I Love the sea’ group. I could create a simple brand name such as ‘Sea Sloo Books’ and upon that name create journals and notebooks which are sea themed. Sea mazes, sea coloring books, scuba diving journals, beach holiday journals, creatures of the sea journals and so on.


The great thing about KDP is you can have more than one essential ‘brand’ under one account. So go ahead and get brainstorming and start building your empire today!

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