Breaking Down Niches

When it comes to Print on Demand most people say to me that researching topics, niches and keywords is the hardest part of the business. It's not as hard as it seems and if you use a simple strategy of breaking it down then you can optimise your time the best way possible. 

First of all you need a find a niche which you know, which you understand and which excites you. There is no point in trying to research designs on cats if you are allergic, have never owned one and prefer hamsters. When researching you need to use common sense and logic. Use my simple step-by-step system below and find researching a lot easier! 

1. Choose a main Niche (for example - Sports)

Choose your main niche. It can be an interest, a hobby, a job or a place. It can be something you are passionate about, you love or you hate but something that pushes your motivation to levels you never knew you had. 

2. Create a Mind Map - Brainstorm Sub Niches 

Having one mother niche is a place to start but when creating designs for Print on Demand in order to see sales the best answer is to dive into sub-niches. These sub-niches are extended from your Mother Niche. Brainstorm, doodle and use Google because it's your best friend. 

For example my Mother Niche is Sports - from a quick 30 seconds I came up with these sub-niches. 

-Running - weightlifting - yoga - exercises for moms - working out at the gym - intensive workouts - cycling 

3. Now you Need to Link Sub-Niches with Other Niches

To go down even further into the sub-niches you need to do another brainstorm or mind map and come up with random ideas and things you like, things you eat, places you go and so on. This is the list I came up with. 

-Pizza - Cake - Travel - Camping - Lawyers - Nurses - Bulldogs 

To link these random niches with your sub niches do the following: 

-pizza & running - Cake & weightlifting - Yoga & Travel - Exercise for moms & camping - Working out at the gym & Lawyers - Intensive workouts & nurses - Cycling & Bulldogs 

As you can see from the above we have very two different niches combined together and you don't need any paid tools to come up with them apart from some imagination. 

4. Come up with Design Ideas in those Combined Niches

Now you have a list of very cool, funny and original niches you now need to come up with the ideas for the shirts, book covers and so on. As a quick example Pizza and Running - these two niches can go really well together and look at these sayings I came up with which relate to both. 

- I Run Only For Pizza 

- Buy me Pizza or I won't Run 

-This Marathon Runner Loves Pizza 

-Run? Jog? All the way to the Pizza Joint

5. Create Your Designs and Research Keywords

Once you have created your designs you can now come up with some awesome keywords. Again, you don't need to use paid tools but you can use Google and Amazon for this. 

Do a quick search of your niche on Amazon, type in Funny Running & Pizza shirts or just Funny Running Shirts and see what comes up. Take out the keywords that relate to your design and keep all your keywords listed in one document. 

Think of who you want to buy your design, the market niche and of course the age group because this is all relevant. 

Go ahead and write up an awesome description of your design with all relevant keywords and BOOM - you have your design and your keywords ready to go. Split the description into two bullet points, come up with a title and you can now upload it to any POD platform. 

Don't forget to check for trademark violations and always be smart when designing. Don't copy and don't be lazy. Have fun and you will see that this journey can be educational, fun and profitable. 




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