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What is Amazon Ignite!?

Amazon ignite is Amazons newest POD platform, only this time Amazon have made this platform available for creators to create printable teaching resources and materials. You have to request for an invitation as with Merch by Amazon and in order to upload and earn royalties all materials and resources have to be yours. Amazon have a review process in place to stop copyright material from being uploaded. If you are a creator or waiting for your acceptation email then read below to find out more on what you can create and earn profits from. If you can offer your knowledge in a presentable and teachable format then this platform is perfect for you.



You have to upload files in these following formats only: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, .zip


Teaching printable materials come in all shapes and forms and can range from Nursery – Pre school age all the way up to adult age. Whether you want some simple spelling and alphabet tags or up to something more complicated as learning a second language, you will find a printable, a PDF, a file or a worksheet for it.


Simple worksheets go down a treat with all ages, whether in color or in black and white. Pictures, letters, numbers and all the basics are a must for all pre school teachers. Moving on from this you can create puzzles, games, posters, activities and even assessment and lesson planning sheets.

When doing the research for Ignite materials you need to pick an age range and then a subject. You have a variety to choose from and some of these are English, Math, Science, Arts, Music, History, Geography, Language and Physical Education. You can then niche down within these subjects and maybe do something for geometry, algebra, biology, chemistry, local arts, European arts and so on.

There is no limit on what you can and can’t do, if you are a qualified teacher and producing materials which are up to a standard for educators to use then you can get started right away!

Some really fun learning materials which have caught my eye during my own research are of the following subjects:

-Map reading and activity sheets

-Problem solving task cards

-All about me story sheets

-Vocabulary activities

-Matching colors – words – themes worksheets

-Spelling practice sheets

-Dance and movement cards for PE lessons

-Posters for student expectations

-Yoga cards for kids

-Good morning greeting cards

 These are just a few cool and interesting ideas that you can get started with. Always give an explanation with your files, how the teachers and students can use them and benefit from them. If you are providing something unique and different then make sure you provide all the correct information, sizes and format when uploading them for sale.

Have fun and make Amazon ignite just another source of income for your POD business!


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