9 Options for Print on Demand Companies

9 Options for Print on Demand Companies

9 Options for the Best Print on Demand Companies with your E-commerce store


Depending on your product and your printing needs, one company might be better suited than some other one. For example, if you want to sell children’s books, a supplier specializing in clothing will not be the right choice.

To help you decide what’s the best partner for your store, here are 9 print on demand companies that you can choose from.



Printful is probably one of the biggest print on demand companies around. 

The brand boasts a wide selection of different products (almost anything from clothing to phone cases) and offers worldwide shipping. And, with print houses in both the US and Europe, Printful is able to keep their shipping costs low as well.

The company isn’t only widely integrated with many eCommerce platforms, but it also offers various printing services such as direct-to-product, cut and sew, and even embroidery.

While the platform itself is free to use, you can customize your labels and packaging for an additional fee.

Printful is a great partner for:

  • Absolute eCommerce beginners 
  • Anyone looking for a simplified and automated print on demand supplier 
  • Entrepreneurs that want a large and reliable partner



What sets Printify apart is its wide supplier network. 

This helps the platform keep their prices low and their selection varied. You won’t find print on demand shower curtains too often – what an opportunity!

Shipping times and costs are calculated based on the location of the supplier, so if you do your research, you’re bound to find some real gems.

The platform itself is free to use and offers a premium subscription with discounted prices for products. 

Overall, Printify is particularly good for: 

  • Anyone looking to scale up their business later
  • Anyone keen on trying lots of different products 
  • Those who want to access as many suppliers as possible



LuLu Express

Looking to sell self-published books? 

Lulu Express is the go-to print on demand company for all aspiring authors and anyone else wanting to publish their work in print format. 

Print on demand books suit many niches, even if your online shop’s main products aren’t related to literature. For example, if you run a cooking shop, you could create an annual recipe book based on the top recipes you’ve published on your shop’s blog. 

Lulu Express offers discounts for bulk purchases and has various printing and binding options to choose from. 

The platform also boasts a wide selection of print products like books and calendars, and competitive shipping costs and shipping locations. 

Lulu Express is a great printing partner for: 

  • Authors and writers 
  • Illustrators and photographers
  • Educators and teachers  




Want to position yourself as the eCommerce store with faster-than-lighting shipping? Look into partnering with SPOD. 

SPOD’s main promise is to have all products printed and on their way to customers from the US warehouses within 48 hours.

This means that if you’re planning on having a slice of the American market, SPOD could be a strong contender to help you keep your customers happy. 

The product selection is not as wide as on a few of the other print on demand platforms, but the high quality of the products makes up for it.

The platform comes with a handy product designer tool, too.  

Pick SPOD, if: 

  • Fast shipping is a must for a competitive edge in your niche 
  • Your eCommerce store focuses on quality over quantity
  • You’re primarily serving US customers




Good news for all the European eCommerce shop owners: T-Pop has your clothing and accessory needs covered. 

The print on demand company has a couple of unique selling points to their services. Not only do they offer a 100% automated service, but they have competitive shipping costs and a variety of branding options too. 

So, if you’re concerned about the unboxing experience, T-Pop might be the perfect partner for you.

Or, if you’re building an environmentally friendly brand, you’ll be happy to know that T-Pop has a zero-plastic packaging policy.

And, they source their product suppliers from ethical manufacturers whenever possible. 

Sell online with T-Pop, if you:

  • Are aiming to build a climate-conscious brand 
  • Think that product packaging is very important
  • Have a lot of European customers 




Did you think that all print on demand businesses only do hoodies and mugs? 

Not JetPrint.

It’s one of those print on demand companies that has quite the niche within the industry itself. Anyone setting up an online watch shop will probably go for JetPrint.

Boasting a selection of different straps, designs, clock faces, and colors, the platform automatically generates multiple product photos for you. 

All orders are covered by the simplified international shipping options (free and express), meaning that you can pamper your customers with no additional fees.

JetPrint is the best print on demand supplier for you, if: 

  • You’re already selling watches on your eCommerce store 
  • You’re wanting to run an online watch shop
  • You want to try new products 



Is your product going to need a big canvas? Big enough to cover a whole shirt or a pair of leggings? 

AOP+ specializes in all-over-print products. You’ll only need to upload your design and select the product you want.

Printing everything in their own factory, you won’t have to worry about third-party printing quality, either. 

You can get started for free, but the company also offers a paid membership with perks like discounts and more customization options.  

Sell online with AOP+ as your printing partner, if: 

  • You scoff at small logos on t-shirts
  • Your niche focuses on prints that cover the whole product 
  • You need to get started fast




Teeleaunch has based their print on demand services around (you guessed it) t-shirts. 

And they clearly know what they’re doing, since their high-quality mockup tool gets praised frequently among print on demand shop owner chasing the best profit margins. 

But don’t be fooled.

Teelaunch offers much more than mere t-shirts; choose from backpacks to speakers, and from plates to power banks. 

The brand doesn’t offer that many different printing options (you can only choose from direct-to-product or cut and sew), but you can get laser etching for travel mugs and chopping boards. 

Check out Teelaunch, if: 

  • You want to use mockups rather than sample photos in your eCommerce product listings 
  • You need a partner with an easy-to-navigate platform 
  • You need help liaising with your customers 




Are you looking for a print on demand partner with a substantial product catalog? 

If you aren’t relying on a mockup tool for your eCommerce store’s listings, you should consider getting familiar with CustomCat. 

While their services are aimed at online stores with bigger order volumes, you could find some interesting products like sports duffel bags and laptop cases in their catalog.

Consider joining their paid subscription plan, which gives you great discounts across the entire website.

Go with CustomCat, if: 

  • You need a partner with a big product catalog 
  • You want to do most of the product photography yourself 
  • Your eCommerce store gets in relatively big order volumes 



It doesn’t matter whether your dream is to run an online marketplace for customized phone cases or have a t-shirt empire to your name. 

With print on demand, you can start selling your dream products fast. 

  1. Decide on your designs 
  2. Pick the best partner for your needs
  3. Integrate your eCommerce store with the printing partner’s platform
  4. You’re ready to go live

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