101 Color Palettes 2019

101 Color Palettes 2019

What is a color palette? 

A color palette is the full range of collection of colors and tools displayed on a device screen or other any other interface and is used for the illustration programs.

Colors influence the audience’s behavior greatly as well as their decision-making ability. With the right use of colors, marketers can boost sales. A buyer’s purchase choice are linked to how well the advertisement has impressed him and all this is possible only with the right use of colors.

Understanding Color Schemes

The color wheel is a plan representing the relationships between colors. A color wheel includes primary colors – red, yellow, and blue, secondary colors – orange, green, and violet and tertiary colors – blue-green, yellow-green, blue violet, red violet, red-orange and yellow-orange. According to color science, the secondary colors are created by mixing the primary colors. A classic color wheel shows shades arranged in a circle that is connected by shapes and lines.

When planning a color scheme the color wheel plays the significant role while combining colors. It lets you decide which should be the right mix and how to do it. Therefore, the color wheel infographic provides the designers with the scope for visualizing the relationships between two or more colors and enable them to form the perfect color scheme logically.


Here are 6 of our favourite color schemes this week. From beachy pink shades to bold blues each palette provides a unique look when creating designs. 

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